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"Thank you for your interest in the CAMC Singers, and welcome to this friendly group.  You may have already seen us perform at the National, or maybe at a centre anniversary rally, but if not then I hope you get an idea from our website just who we are.


We all have at least two things in common-we love visiting different places in our vans and motorhomes, and we enjoy singing.  If you also have those two interests, then we look forward to seeing you at one of our weekend rehearsal rallies.  These are rather different to the usual CAMC rallies, in that at least one of the members in each unit will be joining in with us to sing. Often both partners join us, though not all of them, but they do come along for the tea breaks and of course the evening socials.  Our MD puts us through our paces, often with breathing techniques and always starting with warm up exercises.  Those who haven’t sung before, suddenly find they are loving it!


We usually have a holiday rally each year in various places, including Europe occasionally!  These are much more relaxed, and the only singing we do is after a few drinks in the evening, or round someone’s van when they’ve brought their instruments out.


The best way to find out if you like us is to get in touch and come along to a rally, and I look forward to welcoming many new members to our group, and to us entertaining many more."

Viv Doveston

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